Rising Sun Goat Farm

Raising Myotonics for the future


                                                                                     Any other breed is just a goat                                                        


Our Sales Policy



"No one escapes the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land."

                                  Annie Dillard




  • There is a minimum $100.00 deposit for each buck or doe purchased from us and a $50.00 deposit for each wether.
  • Deposits are nonrefundable!
  • Unless stated otherwise, at time of purchase there will be an agreed upon time limit for picking up your goat(s).
  • All bucks and does will come with registration transfer docs and will not include transportation or health certificates unless paid for separately.
  • All bucks and does will come micro chipped or tattooed.
  • All goats will be utd on shots, deworming and hoof trimming.
  • We reserve the right to refuse purchase to anyone.
  • We accept checks (with 2 week min for clearance time), cash or Paypal on deposits.  CASH ONLY at pick up for the balance due.
  • We now accept major credit cards, with a 3% fee added


We will also send extra feed with your goat to ease in the transition as it takes a goat 3 days for their rumen to adjust to any change in their feed.  This should be done gradually over at least several days.  Please note that any change in diet and/or environment can add stress to the goat which can effect their system, resulting in fecal change.  The less stressful, the more quickly your goat will adjust.  Adding a single goat to a new herd, not only changes the dynamics of the herd, but makes it harder for that particular goat to adjust, so you should expect a longer adjustment time.  Two or more goats purchased from the same herd, typically adjust more quickly and easily.  We are not suggesting that you purchase either single or multiple goats, we only wish you to be aware of what to expect with your purchase.

Goats are herd animals and do better when they are with at least one other goat.  If you are new to goats and this is your first purchase, we will require you to purchase at least 2 goats of the same gender.  

It is our goal to build a reputation of not only producing quality Myotonic goats, but also for providing great service after the sale.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.